5-Axis Mechanical Power Vice

Model ID:GEX-125


  • Built-in mechanical booster,maximum steady clamping force up to 40KN,suitable for working on all kinds of hard and soft workpiece.
  • Compact size well fit with 5-Axis MC machine center,horizontal and vertical machine center. It can also work with rotary device and relevant machine.
  • Patented Mechanical Booster is fully sealed against dust, chips and cutting fluid for increasing durability.
  • Unique Anti-Lift mechanism ensures the workpiece does not deflect and lift.
  • SKS3 steel has applied to the body and the slide face is with high frequency heat treament with above Hs60* in order to enhance the accuracy and the wear resistance.
  • Jaw is made of S50C with carburising heat treated the hardness is above HRC54º.