Powerful Portable Chamfering Machine

Model ID:GS250


  • Adopting concept of side mill cutting, rapidly shifting for inserts.
  • Capable of chamfering any metal material.
  • Adjustable swivel track from 15º to 45º for any angular chamfering demand.
  • Chamfering capability 0~14C, 0~20mm/45º
  • Track size: 250mm x 75mm x 9mm

                            250mmx 50mm x 9mm

  • Blade spec.: SEKN120308 x 12 pcs
  • Product size. 36mm x 200mm x 260mm
  • Accessories: Ø61.5x Ø22x12.8mm x 1pc

                               Ø61.5xØ22x11.3mmx 1pc